A Special Announcement of Sorts…

Good morning, ladies and gents!

Today, I bring you the wondrous news that Skill Up Skillet has officially adopted an update schedule! Expect forces from Azeroth, Minecraft, Skyrim, King’s Landing, Metropolis, Hogsmeade, Mordor, Midgar, and more to come together every Thursday to serve up fantastical foods and recipes for your personal enjoyment. Barring any unforeseen and unfortunate encounters with Herobrine, of course.

Additionally, I bring you news of a brand new recipe rating system! All recipes will now include our patented (-snerk-) Skillet Rating System which rates all recipes from one to four skillets. These Skillets will be listed at the beginning of every recipe before the break. I also plan on implementing a site feature to search for recipes by difficulty level by the end of this week. +1 to Design! Behold!

One Skillet lets you know this recipe is easy-peasy.
Two Skillets indicates the recipe will require a little skill. We’ll call this the “Normal” difficulty level.
A recipe with Three Skillets lets you know that this recipe is fairly challenging.
The dreaded Four Skillets. Difficulty level: Insane. You’ll probably get a Feat of Strength or Achievement for successful completion. Or your friends and family will praise your name. Whichever.

Finally, the official Skill Up Skillet icon has gotten a small makeover. You’ll start seeing this updated icon on Facebook, Twitter, and more by the end of the day today:

SuSIconNewI hope you all enjoy the new changes to the site and keep coming back for new and wonderful SuS happenings. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the new design. Remember: Cooking IRL does not have to be a Feat of Strength! See you again this Thursday!