Chocolate Covered Pac-Man Oreos



Hey you guys.

Guess. WHAT.

I discovered concentrated gel food coloring. And it is the most amazing thing.

My determination to do a Pac-Man themed recipe has finally paid off. Today I offer you Chocolate Covered Pac-Man Oreos. They are probably the easiest thing I’ve ever made and taste fantastic to boot! All of the actual ‘work’ for these cookies goes into the icing process which, admittedly, is so fun in itself that you can’t even be mad. The food coloring I purchased is from Wilton and comes in a 12 color pack including Pink, Red, Burgundy, Golden Yellow, Lemon Yellow, Black, Copper, Brown, Teal, Royal Blue, Violet, and Kelly Green. Just a dab of each color and you have brightly colored icing for DAYS. The colors are absolutely accurate, too. If you have $15 to spare, you should definitely pick up a set of your own; I cannot recommend these highly enough! Not to mention you’ll end up saving a ton of money in the long run for your cooking adventures.

Pac-Man is another one of my very first video games that (surprisingly) I don’t suck at. But I’m also known for getting SUPER INTO IT. Like, -insert-deity-here- so help you if you distract me while I’m playing. The final product you see today is an entire ‘mini package’ (minus one row for the NOMS) of Limited Edition Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Oreos because that’s simply what I had on hand, but don’t let that limit you. You can recreate your favorite Pac-Man maze with as many Oreos as you please, in whatever flavors you prefer. Perfect party treat material here, I’m telling you. But enough gushing for now.

Ready? Let’s go.

Gamers, grab your mats:

  • Oreos, at least one small package
  • Dark Chocolate Candy Melts
  • Yellow Candy Melts
  • White Frosting
  • gel food coloring: Black, Golden Yellow, Teal, Red, Pink, Copper, Royal Blue
  • Oreo cookie chocolate mold(s) – listing as this is sort of a specialty item and can be tricky to find. I got mine off of Amazon by searching “Oreo cookie mold”
Thanks Aunt Cathy for giving up sweets for Lent and giving me these Oreos!

Start by separating your yellow and chocolate Candy Melts into two microwaveable bowls. Since Neo just skims these posts, now would be a good time to say I cracked a bowl in the microwave while heating these. Though I’m pretty sure it’s because the bowl was already chipped and old. Oops!

Microwave the Candy Melts according to package instructions and stir with a spoon until smooth.

I used iced tea spoons for all my mixing needs, they were the perfect size for this recipe.

Spoon about one very full spoonful of Candy Melts into each mold cavity, jiggling a little to fill the bottom in evenly. Carefully top with one Oreo as close to the middle of the cavity as possible. I started with three yellow coated Oreos (one Pac-Man plus two extra lives- I would recommend the same regardless of what size maze you plan on creating)

Carefully now…

With your Oreos successfully in place, spoon about 1-2 spoonfuls of Candy Melts over top of the cookie. Spread and shake as needed to allow the Melts to flow into the sides of the molds.

Yellow done. Estimated 1/3 bag of Melts used for these.

Do the same for the chocolate ones…

No, they’re not actually over-full. Just weird lighting, I suppose.

Rap the filled mold(s) sharply on your work surface to ensure even Candy Melts distribution and minimize air bubbles. Refrigerate for about 10-15 minutes or until cool and set. Unmold.

Now, excuse me while I finish the rest of the package…

Arrange the Oreos smooth side up on your work surface. For ease in cleaning, I used paper towels as my work surface. It provided soft but sturdy support, prevented the cookies from moving, and stopped me from staining my white counter top. Take a small spoonful of room temperature white frosting and mix your colors. Seriously, a dab will do. I found it best to apply the gel colors with a wooden skewer but you could also use a toothpick, chopstick, or lollipop stick. Get creative with the tools you have!

I do not recommend handling the Oreos while ‘painting’ as the chocolate can and will melt. Use your fingers only to move the Oreos as needed.

Yes, that’s really all I’m using. Do you understand how valuable these little pots of coloring are??

Tip: If you’re neat, you can actually set the colored icing spoons on your work surface and move them about like an actual palette. Like this:

Preparedness. It’s a Girl Scout thing.

Go on, my little darlings, paint your pretty little 8-bit heart out:

Creating the lines for Pac-Man’s mouth
Filling in with color, painting the eye.
And to think I thought I was halfway done when I took this one…

A few notes to help you on your painting adventure:

Pac-Man: Looks way better with black edging on your yellow coated Oreos.

For the ghosts: Make an elongated half circle, extend the icing at the bottom sides and center for a rounded wavy edge. Wait for the primary ghost icing to set before applying white and black for the eyes. Yes, it’s actually easier to do it this way than to make the eyes first and fill in around them.

Cherries: Use the tiniest bit of copper icing for the cherry stems. Copper will show up better than brown.

Borders: Add the double line blue borders last, after you’ve decided on the configuration of your maze.I plotted out the position of Pac-Man, the ghosts, and cherry first.

Close up of the finished maze. Someone buy me a camera? =D
Cute. Tasty. Bite-sized. Fun. I can’t even.


These made me exceptionally happy this week. Hopefully you enjoyed them, too. These can be refrigerated or stored in a dry, sealed container. Unfortunately, I couldn’t really tell you how long they’ll be good to eat as all of Neo’s coworkers have eaten them by this point. Yes, he was seriously disappointed that I didn’t use Original Oreos that he took these in to work so I can make another batch. He also demanded a second batch of fruit-free Sonic Cheesecakes because he doesn’t like fruit with his dessert. This is my life. Oi.

Catch you next week!



Coming up next: Doctor Who Adipose Marshmallows

4 thoughts on “Chocolate Covered Pac-Man Oreos”

    1. Thank you! They were super easy, too. Each batch of 6 Oreos took about 15 minutes to set up in the fridge, plus ‘paint’ time. That took about an hour because I hadn’t really thought about the final layout, but with a bit of planning between batches you could probably cut ‘paint’ time in half, depending on batch size.


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