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Minions Trifle is not to be trifled with.

Difficulty1Yet again I’m late joining the Fandom Bandwagon. So Minions are a thing, and they are an awesome thing. So much so that when I was contacted by a former art teacher asking me to bring a snack to her retirement party this was the first idea that came to mind (it’s kind of an inside joke). This Minions Trifle recipe is incredibly fast, easy, flavorful, and so fluffy. And of course there are bananas in it, which just makes it even more awesome. Also, trifles are just plain fun to make.

Hey, she did say I could make anything…

This is a really basic trifle recipe. That said, feel free to add whatever you feel is appropriate… provided that you have enough room in your trifle dish. Want to add a simple syrup/banana liqueur drizzle over the cake cubes? Maybe a layer of banana pudding? Go for it. Maybe a layer of blueberry pie filling and lemon zest before your whipped cream layer? Knock yourself out. Make what tastes good to you; your taste buds matter the most! Ready? Let’s go.

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Half-Life Headcrab Crab Cakes

Difficulty3Behold the first Skill Up Skillet recipe to physically kick my ass: Half-Life Headcrab Crab Cakes! This recipe was recently requested by longtime reader, teacher, and friend Laura. Would now be a good time to mention the only seafood I’ve handled up until now has been restricted to fish fingers and imitation crab sticks? As always, like an idiot, challenge accepted. For those of you not familiar with Headcrabs, these things are horrifying. According to the Half-Life Wiki:

Headcrabs are a parasitic species. Upon sighting a humanoid host, a headcrab will leap for the victim’s face and affix itself to the cranium, whereupon they will use their beak to break into the victim’s skull. The Headcrab then proceeds to take over its host’s motor functions through some unknown biological process.

Yes, these scary fuckers essentially transform their host into a zombie. Beyond horrifying, right? An unbiased review of this recipe for harmless (but spicy) crab cakes might call for a Skillet Level 2 difficulty, but considering I’m missing a moderate amount of flesh from one of my fingers, well…

In return for this inspiration from hell, I named my blister ‘Laura’. Want to have a cooking-related bodily injury named after you? Contact me for details. Anyway.

FINAL NOTICE: This week is the last week to vote for September’s Featured Recipe. Cast your vote now!

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So, I burned the hell out of myself on some hot oil last night. Also half of the crab cakes are scorched. Today’s post has been Herobrine’d until the blisters go down; probably Saturday. Sorry about that.

Also I’m on painkillers right now because they’re right on the tips of my typing fingers. Woo.

See you Saturday.

Toad Bombe Cakes

No, seriously.
No, seriously.

A couple of months ago I was contacted by one of my readers requesting a Toad cake from Mario. Of course I couldn’t refuse! Now, cake is pretty awesome; you can never go wrong with cake. But how does one take cake to the next level? What really makes cake ‘the bomb’? Bombe cake! But what exactly is a bombe? According to research a la Google:

noun: bombe; plural noun: bombes
  1. a frozen dome-shaped dessert.
    • a dome-shaped mold in which a bombe is made.

These ultra cute Toad bombes have a hard candy shell hat filled with two different kinds of mousse, Nutella and (because it’s summer and I’m craving fruit) peach. Not only do they look super fancy, they’re easy to make, too! Ready? Let’s go.

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Much Award. So Shiny. Very Blog. WOW! (It’s the Versatile Blogger Award!)

Wow, hey. So, um, here we are again! Another blogging award nomination so soon, I’m completely taken aback. My third award already, wow! Have I wow’d enough? I’m speechless! –shuffles notecards- First, of course, I must extend my thanks to the lovely Berryduchess of berryduchess.com for nominating me for this award. Her blog initially caught my eye with its bright, attractive art style; it quickly became evident that her blog is the epitome of “versatile”. Go on, give the gal a click.

At least online awards don’t require a fancy dress and heels. I’d never make it, I tell you.

With this award, I’d also like to extend my thanks to all of my followers. The counter on the right hasn’t quite updated yet, but, at the time of this post there are over 350 of you! Incredible! I never imagined Skill Up Skillet would grow more than 50 followers through begging and bribery and every day I’m delighted to be proven wrong. You’re all amazing, I’m excited to share my geeky culinary creations with you every week.

Welp, you’re here for the facts and nominations I presume, so let’s get on with it. Ready? Let’s go.

versatile blogger

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Get me a star on the Walk of Fame- I’ve been nominated for another award!

Oh man, oh man, oh man. The people of the interwebs have been at it again and I’ve been nominated for yet another award! My thanks to Roy from Piece of Cerebrum for the nomination. If you’re a food blogger like me, you’ll want to check out their #WeeklyChallenge for #Foodbloggers. It’s a great idea to promote camaraderie in the community so check it out!
The Premio Dardos Award exists to acknowledge the values that every blogger shows in their effort to transmit cultural, ethical, literary, and personal values every day. These stamps were created with the intention of promoting fraternization between bloggers, a way of showing affection and gratitude for work that adds value to the Web. Plus, readers get the chance to discover new, interesting blogs. All in all, it’s a win-win situation. Ready? Let’s go.

Ooh, shiny.

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Guacamelee – World’s Greatest Enchiladas

Not hard to make, exactly, but a lot of prep work.
Not hard to make, exactly, but a lot of prep work.

I know what you’re thinking- “This isn’t on the schedule!” Technically, you’d be right. However, shortly before starting on this week’s recipe we received our July IndieBox in the mail. July’s indie game? Guacamelee! As always, IndieBox serves up an excellent game with awesome special features. July’s box comes complete with the Guacamelee game in a nifty credit card/usb form, two stickers (luchador mask sticker not pictured; the boy just had to stick it on his PC tower), soundtrack (so you know it’s good), instruction manual, temporary tattoo, felted chicken magnet, shot glass, and… do you see what I see?

No, surely not... It couldn't be...
No, surely not… It couldn’t be…

Ladies and gentlemen, geeks and gamers, we have a recipe! That’s right, what we have here is a recipe for the World’s Greatest Enchiladas. But are they really deserving of the title? Let’s find out.

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