Much Award. So Shiny. Very Blog. WOW! (It’s the Versatile Blogger Award!)

Wow, hey. So, um, here we are again! Another blogging award nomination so soon, I’m completely taken aback. My third award already, wow! Have I wow’d enough? I’m speechless! –shuffles notecards- First, of course, I must extend my thanks to the lovely Berryduchess of for nominating me for this award. Her blog initially caught my eye with its bright, attractive art style; it quickly became evident that her blog is the epitome of “versatile”. Go on, give the gal a click.

At least online awards don’t require a fancy dress and heels. I’d never make it, I tell you.

With this award, I’d also like to extend my thanks to all of my followers. The counter on the right hasn’t quite updated yet, but, at the time of this post there are over 350 of you! Incredible! I never imagined Skill Up Skillet would grow more than 50 followers through begging and bribery and every day I’m delighted to be proven wrong. You’re all amazing, I’m excited to share my geeky culinary creations with you every week.

Welp, you’re here for the facts and nominations I presume, so let’s get on with it. Ready? Let’s go.

versatile blogger

So here are the rules for this nomination:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated you. Check!
  2. List the rules and display the award. I always wonder why this is the second rule. Shouldn’t it be listed last? Technically I could thank Berryduchess, toss up the award graphic, and go along my merry way.
  3. Share 7 facts about yourself. (Geez, not again… this is why I take so long to post these up, I swear. Do you people think it’s funny I don’t know how to talk about myself? Do you?)
  4. Nominate 15 5 other amazing blogs and comment on their blogs to let them know you nominated them. (No. You guys are killing me with this bit. I mean it. You’ll get 5 humor/sarcasm blogs from me today, and no more!) Probably I’ve nominated some of the bloggers listed below for a previous award. Doesn’t matter; honey badger don’t care.

Facts Fresh from the Skillet:

  1. More often than not, I have no bloody clue what I’m doing. No, I’m serious. Most of these recipes are me winging it. Techniques? Decorations? Prep work? Pfft. Most of my mentality is “Well, it can’t possibly be that hard, right?”
  2. In my senior year of high school I paid for my own trip to Italy and Greece over spring break. I ate tiramisu at every possible opportunity and still lost 20 pounds because we walked around so. Damn. Much. I also yelled at my group for eating Applebee’s and McDonalds, then proceeded to find back alley gyro restaurants as old as my family’s pizzeria. Commoners.
  3. Oh. Did I ever mention my family owns a pizzeria? Not some terrible national franchise but an actual factual mom n’ pop family-run takeout joint. I worked there for almost eight years.
  4. I keep getting this ridiculous idea in my head that I’m going to do a marathon run to get to Legend rank in Hearthstone. It never happens. My best rank so far is Rank 13, which isn’t bad really. It’s like in the top 25-30%.
  5. My first gaming system was the PS2. Before that, I would play SNES and Sega at my friend’s house. The first video games I played were Sonic the Hedgehog, Super Mario Bros., and Twisted Metal 3.
  6. I should probably be in a support group for reading so much. My three favorite writers (in no particular order) are Deborah Harkness, Ellen Hopkins, and Stephen King.
  7. I have a fiver in my pocket and will be buying a lottery ticket later today.

And my nominees are:

  • James of James Proclaims – I honestly have no idea why I started following James but he’s an awesome guy. I couldn’t even describe his writing if I wanted to. Call it a humor blog of sorts? Once you visit you’ll get it. Probably.
  • Nutmeg of Nutmeg and Whiskey – Why do I love her? She too is a snarky baker and uses even more four letter words than I do. Baking isn’t an art, it’s a battle of wits. She’s got it. And she literally only today posted up the Liebster Award I nominated her for a month ago. A month ago, Nutmeg! (I’m anticipating a comment below filled with uncensored swearing any minute now.)
  • Cal from Sarcastination– Your one-stop shop for all things film and gaming. Plus sarcasm, because everyone needs a little snark in their day.
  • Captain Max Virtus of Escapades in Bizarrchaeology – Remember that one time when I made those WWI-era baked beans? You can blame that on this guy here. (No, really, it was awesome.) Get this guy a time slot on the History Channel.
  • Tominalbion of Old England to New England– I must have been a Brit in a past life because I understood the moment I looked upon his blog. Probably it’s the dry humor. I’ve been told I do that quite a lot.

That’s it! And I’m pleased to announce that Amazon came through in the nick of time and delivered my hemisphere silicone molds. I was starting to worry; the tracking emails said the package was delivered Sunday afternoon. Heads were about to roll. Today will be a baking day!

Coming Up Next: Some time ago I received an email request for Toad from Super Mario in cake form. Let it be known that cake will never be boring on Skill Up Skillet: I’m making Toad Bombe Cakes! What the hell is that? Stay tuned.



versatile blogger

Remember, cooking IRL doesn’t have to be a Feat of Strength!

20 thoughts on “Much Award. So Shiny. Very Blog. WOW! (It’s the Versatile Blogger Award!)”

      1. Woah, that is unnerving 0_o something similar happened to me once when I was house sitting. I fell asleep on the couch and I half woke up in the middle of the night and in the twilight of my mind, thought the fire I had going to keep me warm had escaped the fireplace. Thankfully, after a few scary moments, I realized I was dreaming and remembered that it was a fake fireplace encased by glass.

        I digress, and am glad that you have not spontaneously combusted, haha

        Liked by 1 person

  1. Congrats! Also, I saw the cutest Thor cupcakes on Pinterest. Thought that looked like something you’d be into. 🙂


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