Minions Trifle is not to be trifled with.

Difficulty1Yet again I’m late joining the Fandom Bandwagon. So Minions are a thing, and they are an awesome thing. So much so that when I was contacted by a former art teacher asking me to bring a snack to her retirement party this was the first idea that came to mind (it’s kind of an inside joke). This Minions Trifle recipe is incredibly fast, easy, flavorful, and so fluffy. And of course there are bananas in it, which just makes it even more awesome. Also, trifles are just plain fun to make.

Hey, she did say I could make anything…

This is a really basic trifle recipe. That said, feel free to add whatever you feel is appropriate… provided that you have enough room in your trifle dish. Want to add a simple syrup/banana liqueur drizzle over the cake cubes? Maybe a layer of banana pudding? Go for it. Maybe a layer of blueberry pie filling and lemon zest before your whipped cream layer? Knock yourself out. Make what tastes good to you; your taste buds matter the most! Ready? Let’s go.

Gamers, grab your mats:

  • 1 yellow box cake mix
  • 1 white box cake mix
  • yellow and blue food coloring – I used the concentrated stuff, with a little added liquid neon blue coloring to punch up the blue cake color.
  • 2 standard size tubs of Cool Whip
  • 1 pint of blueberries
  • 5ish bananas
  • 2 giant marshmallows
  • black decorating icing
And here's our second experiment with brightly colored cakes... oh boy.
And here’s our second experiment with brightly colored cakes… oh boy.

First, mix up each box cake mix according to package instructions. Add a little yellow food coloring to the yellow cake mix to get a more vivid yellow. I added something like half a teaspoon of concentrated blue coloring to the white cake mix, hmm’ed and scratched my head a bit, then added 20 drops of neon blue coloring. Perfect:

Looks good to me.
Looks good to me.

Bake cakes according to package instructions. They’ll be a little discolored from the oven on the top and sides; don’t sweat it. Allow to cool and trim off the browned bits from the top and sides. Don’t worry about the bottoms; with a little care, no one will see them anyway.

Yellow cake trimmed. Good enough for government work.
Yellow cake trimmed. Good enough for government work.

This is a whenever step: Tint your Cool Whip yellow and blue. I found that the neon blue liquid coloring worked best for this stuff. Really great color:

That cute moment where I think,
That cute moment where I think, “Oh, I know what I’m doing and have everything in order.”
Then Life cackles madly and screeches,
Then Life cackles madly and screeches, “Wrong, bitch!” and I have to make adjustments.

Cut each cake into one-inch cubes, give or take. Stunning color, right?

Yeah, that's pretty wicked looking.
Yeah, that’s pretty wicked looking.

Rinse and drain blueberries and thinly slice two of your bananas. Lay everything out like a boss; it’s layering time:

-puts sunglasses on-
-puts sunglasses on-

First, add one layer of blue cake cubes. Pack them in densely, but don’t squish them (seriously, they are fluffy. that wasn’t just a pun in the introduction.) Be sure to arrange them so that the browned cake bottoms are facing inward.

The ones in the middle obviously don't matter as much.
The ones in the middle obviously don’t matter as much.

Spread half of your blue Cool Whip over the cake cubes. It’s okay to let some of the filling go into the gaps in the cake cubes.

To my credit, I only licked the spoons after they outlived their usefulness.
To my credit, I only licked the spoons after they outlived their usefulness.

Next, fruit. Sprinkle about half of the blueberries over the Cool Whip as evenly as possible.


Wash, rinse, and repeat. You want two layers each of the cake, Cool Whip, and fruit.

Here, have a side view.
Here, have a side view.

Time for the yellow bit. Add your first layer of cake cubes. Again, pack densely without squishing and orient the browned bottoms inward.


Add the first half of the Cool Whip:

Like so.
Like so.

Now, a layer of banana. Use all of the sliced banana.for this layer.


Repeat your cake and Cool Whip layers. Plunk two giant marshmallows on top, right in the middle. They should be laying horizontally:

It's also okay to push one end into the trifle a bit so the eyes are looking slightly upward.
It’s also okay to push one end into the trifle a bit so the eyes are looking slightly upward.

Add pupils and outline the eyes with black decorating icing. The outline will probably need to be done 2-3 times to look just right:

God help us, it's sentient.
God help us, it’s sentient.

You could also add a goofy icing grin, but I thought it would look pretty awkward in my dish. It’s just a container I picked up from the dollar store. Did you know trifle dishes are a pain to find in stores?

Take your remaining bananas and slice off the top half (or third, depending on the size of your bananas. use your best judgement here.)

I went for half but should probably have sliced off a third instead. They're a little small.
I went for half but should probably have sliced off a third instead. They’re a little small.

Insert the banana ‘hair’ cut-side-down into the trifle about 1/2-1 inch, just behind the eyes. They’re actually more stable than you might believe. Mine was tested up to speeds of 55mph in the car with easy braking and turning. Yes, you really needed to know that.

Quite dapper looking, if I may say so myself.
Quite dapper looking, if I may say so myself.

That’s it! Your Minion Trifle is now ready for any party you throw it at. Bask in the cakey glory while you can; it will be devoured quickly!


Just don’t let it (or your guests) get up to too much mischief!

Final reminder: There are 5 days left to vote on September’s Featured Recipe. If you haven’t cast your vote, what are you waiting for? Gogogogogogogogogogogo!



Coming Up Next: Birthday post! Not only will I be turning 26, I’ll be making The Cake from Portal as a special treat, This is one post you won’t want to miss. Also: Now is your chance to ask questions: Ask me any question in the comments below (or you can contact me here) and I’ll answer. It’s a Birthday Extravaganza, let’s celebrate together!

Remember, cooking IRL doesn’t have to be a Feat of Strength!

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  1. Oh my! Can you get more creative?
    I love minions..who doesnt really??
    They are not just cute but am delicious. You teacher must have been on cloud 9!

    As for your buddae, I wanna request you to mention one lil’ confession on your birthday post! **evil grin**
    will look forward to it. 🙂

    Also,I hope you have read the new ONE BASIC RULE ..just comment on at least two posts previous to you & you are done! Bam!
    Good luck & keep going♡
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    Take care Leisel


  2. Ah Minions! This looks like a lot of fun!
    Questions: How do you come up with a question, no one else will ask?!?!?! HMMMM……

    What is your all time favorite video game? (From anything Atari, PC to XboxONE)
    What is your favorite dish that is NOT related to or in your blog? (yet)
    What is your favorite…… or least favorite….. sleeping position? (ah, there is the random one!)


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  3. one thing ive been curious about since you started the blog, when you make these recipes how easy is it to substitute certain ingredients? like say im not a yellow cake fan, could i substitute it for say red velvet with out worrying about it turning out properly


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