Let’s Talk Tea – A Halloween Round Up

Skill Up Skillet’s October has been the busiest yet! With five, count ’em, FIVE Nightmare Before Christmas themed recipes, a couple of fandom tea reviews from CuppaGeek, and a Walking Dead Bloody Brain Jello Shot recipe with a bang… needless to say you’ll have plenty of fare to choose from for this year’s festivities. We’ve even been interviewed and reviewed by two different sites! Let’s do a Halloween Round Up!

Featured Foodie FridayStarting off with one of the blog’s biggest achievements to date: Patty from Chocolate Chip Studio interviewed Skill Up Skillet for her Featured Foodie Friday series! According to Patty:

If you’re into gaming, you are absolutely going to LOVE this week’s Featured Foodie! When I first met Leisel and learned more about her food perspective, I thought, ‘WOW! To combine gaming with food is probably one of THE most original food blogs I’ve seen yet.’

Blogging since 2014, Leisel is just awesome and I love that she makes it fun!

Skill Up Skillet also received a favorable review from Jason of Opinionated Man. You can read his review HERE.

CuppaGeekWe also teamed up with Nichole of CuppaGeek for a couple of Halloween-y fandom tea reviews. Nichole does not disappoint! Check out her review of Walking Dead fandom tea Kiss My Crossbow and a Nightmare Before Christmas inspired Pumpkin King Tea.

Without further ado, on to the first Skill Up Skillet Halloween Round Up!

Remember this old favorite? My Walking Dead Bloody Brain Jello Shot recipe looks positively gruesome and is only too appropriate. There’s still time to whip up a batch for Halloween!

Walking Dead Brain Jello Shot
Complete with a slurp-able red jelly filling.

Finally, we have five scream-worthy Nightmare Before Christmas recipes. Prepare for a scary good time:

  1. Oogie Boogie Meringue Cookies – These crunchy and chewy morsels will have you screaming with delight!

    Spooky sweet!
    Spooky sweet!
  2. Nightmare Before Christmas Sugar Cookies – These ornate cookies are a breeze to decorate, I’ll show you!

    The square cookies have Zero calories. Get it?
    The square cookies have Zero calories. Get it?
  3. Jack Skellington Whoopie Pies – Not one, but two homemade chocolate fillings. Come at me.

    Jack Skellington Whoopie Pies
    And they’re just happy to see you! (Sorry, wrong movie.)
  4. Sally’s Blueberry Scones – Sweet, fruity, and stitched to perfection!

    blueberry scone recipe, Nightmare Before Christmas Scones
    Such sweet satisfaction.
  5. Pumpkin King Pumpkin Pie – The pumpkin spice made me do it. But hey, it’s not everyday you make literally the best pumpkin pie of your life.
    All hail the Pumpkin King!
    All hail the Pumpkin King!

Don’t Forget: We’re down to the last day of voting for November’s Featured Recipe. Cast your vote now!

Coming Up Next: Mississippi Quantum Pie from Fallout. Come see me at the Bridgewater Falls (Fairfield, OH) Gamestop for the midnight release of Fallout 4!



Remember, cooking IRL doesn’t have to be a Feat of Strength!

16 thoughts on “Let’s Talk Tea – A Halloween Round Up”

    1. Geez… Ideally… nothing! I want nothing more than to pick up dinner from my family’s pizzeria and be lazy and not have to adult. I have adulted SO HARD this month.


      1. Sounds legit, I would conquer some crab legs. After recreating some gourmet mac n’ cheese last night with chipotle BBQ chicken and sauteed onions last night I’m done. Preferably for the month.

        That sounds like a badass thing to say until you realize there’s only one day left in the month.

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