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Banana Caramel Golden Snitches

Possibly debatable if a 2 or 3 Skillet difficulty- how steady is your hand?

Harry Potter is by far one of my absolute favorites and I intend on making many HP recipes over the course of the blog. But where to start? That was a decidedly hard question; there are too many to choose from! I finally decided on the classic Golden Snitch from the popular wizarding game, Quidditch. The Snitch is arguably the most important ball in the game as it is tiny, wicked fast, awards 150 points to the team who catches it, and ends the game. So, I did a little research a la Google and saw so. Freaking. Many. Cake. Pops. And some truffles. (Don’t tell the boy I saw truffles; he’ll want them and I’m not ready to make them.) Well, most of what I saw looked perfectly lovely and all but, geez, way overdone. So, Nilla Wafers.

I’m actually not sure what made these pop into my head, but another brief research stint informed me that Nilla Wafer sandwiches are a thing. The gears started turning. Quick, what’s the first recipe you think of when someone says ‘Nilla Wafer’? Banana pudding, right? Pretty good, but a little blah, if you know what I mean. But bananas and caramel, now, that’s really something.I can totally sandwich that. Oh, and toss some wings on ’em. Snitches love wings. (I’m sorry.)

The result? A desserty but not-too-sweet two-bite sandwich made in heaven. And it’s relatively easy, especially if you have a steady hand. Ready? Let’s go.

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