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Scooby Snacks – Homemade dog treats!

Difficulty1Saturday May 23rd marked a very special day in our house: Our dog Luna’s second birthday! We wanted to celebrate with a special treat. In typical Skill Up Skillet fashion, this means something geeky. Luna has a handful of nicknames because of her big personality including Luna-toon, Luna Lovegood, Toona-Loon, Fur Kid, Smart-Ass, and Scooby Loon. Scooby Loon, because our entry hall, kitchen, and pool room have wood floors and when she gets wound up she tries running on the floors, leading to much skittering a-la-Scooby.

While these treats are made from human food, they’re not very tasty to humans but are irresistible to dogs. Don’t try to share. Trust me. One of us took one for the team and tried a bite. Yuck.

Happy birthday, Luna! We love you! (Yes, I’m aware dogs can’t read, but I’m not so sure about this one. Too damn smart.)

Ready? Let’s go.

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