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Bullets in a Pot, a.k.a. Repeaters & Pork, an authentic WWI recipe

Difficulty2Valiant Hearts: The Great War

A bit over a month ago I was contacted by the illustrious Captain Max Virtus of Escapades in Bizarrchaeology asking if I would be interested in digging up some bizarre foods eaten by WWI soldiers in the trenches. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity as A. I rather enjoy history; and B. I consider myself to be something of an expert in digging. Why, you may well ask? Once upon a time, I was an amateur grave digger. Quite the leap from computer work, no? Allow me to explain:

My freshman history teacher was something of a legend in the school. Tenacious, passionate, and mildly eccentric about getting his students to pay attention in class. Let me tell you, when your teacher steals a Barbie doll from his daughter, fills its head with fake blood, and ‘chops’ her head off with a miniature guillotine while referring to her as Marie Antoinette… well. Kids paid attention. He also sold really excellent beef jerky year-round to fund legendary history club trips to Detroit and Memphis.

It was fitting, then, that he gathered up volunteers to help renovate a mid-1800’s cemetery in a nearby town. We learned about gravestone symbolism, removing lichen from etched stone, and righting headstones. The latter, of course, required a fair amount of digging as there was much headstone buried in the ground as there was above ground to keep the stones standing. It was normal for us to be seen standing in 4-foot deep holes wiping sweat from our brows. Our most helpful documentation was a list of peak cholera death years; definitely no digging in those! It was hard, dirty work and I loved telling people that yes, the shovel in my back seat was there for grave digging. (Well, it was.)

So how in hell does one combine video games, food, and World War I, anyway? Surely there aren’t that many video games based on the Great War, right? Which brings us to Valiant Hearts: The Great War.

Ready? Let’s go. Continue reading Bullets in a Pot, a.k.a. Repeaters & Pork, an authentic WWI recipe