Triple T(h)reat Thursday: Candy Crush Candies ft. Orange Lozenge, Green Gum Squares, and Color Bombs!

Press the Easy Button – Each of these recipes are Skill Level 1!

That’s right, it’s a triple feature today!

I’m going to be showcasing three separate recipes for three very different candies featured in the popular game, Candy Crush: orange lozenges, green gum squares, and chocolate color bombs. Admittedly, I don’t play this game, myself. I belong to the “I’m sorry. Freemium gaming destroys lives. I lost my father to Candy Crush.” crowd after a short stint playing the Family Guy mobile game. Fun, but more time consuming than it should be, and too tempting to want to spend money on it. Also, if you got that reference, we should totally be friends. You’re cool.

And so, while I don’t play the game, I do have the capacity to appreciate it. We’ll go ahead and pay tribute here.

Ready? Let’s go.

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Right– It’s Saturday. Let’s talk about jelly beans.

As you know, Senzu Bean (Dragon Ball) Jelly Beans were first scheduled to be posted last week. Those were a total failure so I vowed to have a batch out this week. Let’s be honest: I made 8 batches, spent over $50 in miscellaneous tools, and ruined so much sugar. So. Much. Sugar. Right now I’m at a point where I can’t keep pouring my heart and soul into them with such poor results.

I’ve researched several jelly bean recipes online… Incidentally, there aren’t many. Especially not good ones, if you’ve ever done research on the topic. I’m at the point where I’m fairly certain that the successful recipes and YouTube videos I’ve seen are cheating and are showing off a commercial product, rather than display their handiwork. I may be wrong… but I really don’t think so. I’d like to think that I put my best efforts into the venture and at this point I believe I’ve nailed down a solid recipe for the jelly center. Unfortunately, it all consistently falls apart at the candy coating stage.

What went right? What went wrong? Here’s a batch-by-batch breakdown:

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By Fan Request: The Lord of the Rings ‘Lembas Bread’


While in the midst of my trials and tribulations with the Senzu Beans I was contacted by reader (and coworker!) Katie L. from Cincinnati, Ohio. She came upon a recipe for Lembas Bread from LOTR in one of her feeds and thought it would be awesome if I made it. I couldn’t have agreed more and set to work on the post she sent:

Fan Submission
I have no idea where this came from. Dear reader, if this is your recipe please contact me so that I may give you proper credit.

This is another one of those easy-peasy recipes as long as you know how to use measuring cups and spoons. The recipe calls for an electric hand mixer but if you don’t have one your bread won’t suffer for it.

Ready? Let’s go.

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Skyrim Sweet Rolls – Insert Applicable Meme Here


I have a confession to make: There will be no Senzu Bean Jelly Beans this week. At the time of this post there have been five failed batches of beans. I’d like to believe that each batch is a step closer to the desired result. It seems that there aren’t many decent how-to videos for making jelly beans around. I think in the end it should work out pretty well, but it is just not happening this week.

As a substitute, let’s sidetrack to one of my favorite games: Skyrim. One of the most iconic items from the game is the sweet roll. I actually had all of the ingredients on hand and didn’t need to make a special trip to the store, which is a nice change of pace. Today’s recipe is borrowed from Instructables with a small tweak at the end. Additionally, in place of the usual glaze Neo was craving some cream cheese icing. I’m inclined to agree with him here. The glaze/icing in the original sweet roll just seems more… substantial. No offense, Instructables. I’m sure your glaze is absolutely fantastic and I’ll probably try it someday. I use the cream cheese icing recipe from Food Network; it’s always yielded great results and has great taste. Links to these recipes can be found at the end of the post.

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Ring in the New Year with Pokemon! Chocolate dipped Pineapple Pikachu heads and tails. Pika-Pika!


I’ll admit, I’ve been planning this one for a while. Like, pre-Dice Fudge a while. I just wasn’t particularly inclined to buy a pineapple since the only pineapple I’m familiar with has either been prepared or canned. I don’t know what to look for in a pineapple. I just don’t. Pineapple Pikachu went on the back burner for the moment.

This year I received a pineapple for Christmas. No, really. A whole freaking pineapple (along with some grapefruit, mango, and kiwi, but still– pineapple). My family’s a little weird.

I love fresh fruit and adding chocolate makes the dish feel fancy and decadent. With a little planning, this is a fairly simple treat to put together. Admittedly I did not plan very well, having never worked with fresh pineapple before. Expect a few ‘Chef’s Notes of Facepalm’ sprinkled in here and there to help your heads and tails turn out a little better looking than mine did. Here we go.

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A Special Announcement of Sorts…

Good morning, ladies and gents!

Today, I bring you the wondrous news that Skill Up Skillet has officially adopted an update schedule! Expect forces from Azeroth, Minecraft, Skyrim, King’s Landing, Metropolis, Hogsmeade, Mordor, Midgar, and more to come together every Thursday to serve up fantastical foods and recipes for your personal enjoyment. Barring any unforeseen and unfortunate encounters with Herobrine, of course.

Additionally, I bring you news of a brand new recipe rating system! All recipes will now include our patented (-snerk-) Skillet Rating System which rates all recipes from one to four skillets. These Skillets will be listed at the beginning of every recipe before the break. I also plan on implementing a site feature to search for recipes by difficulty level by the end of this week. +1 to Design! Behold!

One Skillet lets you know this recipe is easy-peasy.
Two Skillets indicates the recipe will require a little skill. We’ll call this the “Normal” difficulty level.
A recipe with Three Skillets lets you know that this recipe is fairly challenging.
The dreaded Four Skillets. Difficulty level: Insane. You’ll probably get a Feat of Strength or Achievement for successful completion. Or your friends and family will praise your name. Whichever.

Finally, the official Skill Up Skillet icon has gotten a small makeover. You’ll start seeing this updated icon on Facebook, Twitter, and more by the end of the day today:

SuSIconNewI hope you all enjoy the new changes to the site and keep coming back for new and wonderful SuS happenings. Please leave a comment and let me know what you think about the new design. Remember: Cooking IRL does not have to be a Feat of Strength! See you again this Thursday!



Naughty or Nice? Cookies and cream Minecraft Coal for Christmas.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all!


I’m just going to come right out and say it… the internet lies and this recipe proved that Murphy’s Law is real. Disclaimer aside, this recipe combines my two favorite dessert treats into one happy little lump: Oreo cookies and marshmallows. Probably you’ve seen the recipe for “coal” bars circulating on Facebook… and based on the image and details, it probably originated from Pinterest. This is a story of what happened, what should have happened, and what I would do differently next time. Let’s go.

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Roll for initiative! Rich, creamy Dice Fudge for your next Game Night.


A couple of weeks ago, Neo (the boyfriend) sent me a video link of someone sharing their recipe for crazy-simple microwave fudge. Just by watching the video I knew I had to make it. But how could I possibly make it into something which fit into the overall theme of the blog?

Think, think, think.

Much brainstorming later, it hit me. Dice! I will make fudge, and it will be dice, and it will be scrumptious, and it will be cute. Yes. This is happening. Because fudge. (One does not question a female with chocolate.)

The end result? It’s quick, relatively inexpensive, creamy, and SUPERRICH. The fudge itself requires all of five minutes and five ingredients. That’s it.

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Welcome to Skill Up Skillet!

Welcome to Skill Up Skillet. I’ll be your mildly eccentric host, Leisel: Neophyte Gamer and Chef Extraordinaire.

As a gamer, sometimes I get sick of sitting in front of my computer with a bowl of ramen or microwave God-only-knows-what’s-in-this sandwiches. Then I toddle up the stairs and remember, “Oh, yeah! I have a kitchen! I can cook and things and not get yelled at!”. Considering the majority of my family are bakers and restaurant owners, I realized I was doing myself a grave disservice by not getting myself elbow-deep in flour and sugar on a regular basis. I also knew that I had to make cooking fun and inventive to keep myself in the kitchen.

Between my recent stints of heavy Minecraft (playing) and Skyrim (watching), something just clicked: I wanted to make gamer food! (Because of this, look forward to the classic Skyrim Sweet Roll and my much anticipated Minecraft: 1001 Ways to Pork Chop series.) Thus, Skill Up Skillet was born.

Join me as I bravely (or foolishly) attempt to re-create tasty dishes and items from your favorite computer and video games, movies, tv series, and novels. I will try to include as many original recipes as possible, and provide links to my inspiration. It will be a fantastical journey from sci-fi to fantasy, slow cooker soup to fast and easy fudge, across all platforms.

Want to see me make something specific? Make a suggestion! Your suggestion may be concocted into something new and wonderful.

And remember: Cooking IRL does not have to be a Feat of Strength!


ESRB Rating: Teen

Infrequent use of mild-strong language; probable (if minimal) blood, because knives are sharp and pointy; gambling with Insert-Deity-Of-Choice-Here to make my dishes turn out right.

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