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And now a word from our spons–er, I mean me. Yeah. Let’s talk updates and stuff!

Yeah. I can assure you I do not have any sponsors (dude, how cool would that even be, though?!).

But, hey. Let’s talk. One-on-one, like. Or as close to that as we’re going to get.

First off, can I just tell you how incredibly awesome you are? Yes, you. Faithful Reader, you take time out of your day to visit my little slice of the internet. The place where I semi-comically flail about in the kitchen attempting to create cool-looking, good-tasting geeky and gamer-centric foodstuffs to stoke my creativity and improve my cooking skills.

I’ve learned a ton over the last six months and I hope you have as well. Ideally, I aim to inform and entertain with every keystroke and drop of food coloring. Sure, I’m doing this for me. But I’m doing this for you, too. Thank you for being here. I really couldn’t do it without you.

Probably you’ve noticed a few minor site updates over the last few days. These updates are as follows:

  1. New PayPal Donate button. Let me first make this absolutely plain: Skill Up Skillet is a free recipe blog. I will never, ever charge you for viewing this site or using my recipes. This button is for the newly established Skill Up Skillet Kitchen Fund. For more about this, click the Read More link.
  2. Expanded Tag Cloud. I have added several more tags to my posts to help you, Faithful Reader, and new readers (hi!!!) find content that is interesting and relevant to you. Want to make a geek themed recipe? Click Geek and you will see all geek-themed recipes. Prefer a more gamer-friendly recipe? Click Game. All relevant gamer recipes will be at your fingertips. You’re welcome!
  3. Four Skillets Link Added to Menu. That’s right! With the recent addition of the Zerg Cake Roll we now have a Four Skillet Difficulty Level. I told you it would happen one day, now here it is. For those of you not familiar with the functionality of these links, give’em a try now. Clicking on a specific skill level from the menu will give you all recipes of that particular difficulty. It’s a nice sorting tool to have, I think.
  4. 4% Sanity Lost. Nah, that one’s a joke. Comment if you get the reference!

Yep, those are the major key points. So, let’s talk about that Donate button, because it really is kinda important and I want to explain why this button has come into existence. You got a minute? Let’s go.

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