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Banana Chocolate Death Star Waffles


Today’s the day. We’ve all been waiting for what seems like forever. Star Wars: Episode VII is finally in theaters! Admittedly, today I woke up on the dark side of the bed after very little sleep and the realization sinking in that I have to scale back on my geeky recipes. Luckily, I soon discovered that I could Awaken the Force and my day with a generous stack of Banana Chocolate Death Star Waffles. They’re quick, they’re easy, they’re a real crowd-pleaser, AND they’re made from scratch! Say what?

Just like that, I was back in celebration mode. New Star Wars, themed waffles, and my first blogging anniversary?  Suddenly I’m bursting with energy and enthusiasm! Or is that the banana slices and chocolate chips?

Ready? Let’s go!

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Minions Trifle is not to be trifled with.

Difficulty1Yet again I’m late joining the Fandom Bandwagon. So Minions are a thing, and they are an awesome thing. So much so that when I was contacted by a former art teacher asking me to bring a snack to her retirement party this was the first idea that came to mind (it’s kind of an inside joke). This Minions Trifle recipe is incredibly fast, easy, flavorful, and so fluffy. And of course there are bananas in it, which just makes it even more awesome. Also, trifles are just plain fun to make.

Hey, she did say I could make anything…

This is a really basic trifle recipe. That said, feel free to add whatever you feel is appropriate… provided that you have enough room in your trifle dish. Want to add a simple syrup/banana liqueur drizzle over the cake cubes? Maybe a layer of banana pudding? Go for it. Maybe a layer of blueberry pie filling and lemon zest before your whipped cream layer? Knock yourself out. Make what tastes good to you; your taste buds matter the most! Ready? Let’s go.

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Banana Caramel Golden Snitches

Possibly debatable if a 2 or 3 Skillet difficulty- how steady is your hand?

Harry Potter is by far one of my absolute favorites and I intend on making many HP recipes over the course of the blog. But where to start? That was a decidedly hard question; there are too many to choose from! I finally decided on the classic Golden Snitch from the popular wizarding game, Quidditch. The Snitch is arguably the most important ball in the game as it is tiny, wicked fast, awards 150 points to the team who catches it, and ends the game. So, I did a little research a la Google and saw so. Freaking. Many. Cake. Pops. And some truffles. (Don’t tell the boy I saw truffles; he’ll want them and I’m not ready to make them.) Well, most of what I saw looked perfectly lovely and all but, geez, way overdone. So, Nilla Wafers.

I’m actually not sure what made these pop into my head, but another brief research stint informed me that Nilla Wafer sandwiches are a thing. The gears started turning. Quick, what’s the first recipe you think of when someone says ‘Nilla Wafer’? Banana pudding, right? Pretty good, but a little blah, if you know what I mean. But bananas and caramel, now, that’s really something.I can totally sandwich that. Oh, and toss some wings on ’em. Snitches love wings. (I’m sorry.)

The result? A desserty but not-too-sweet two-bite sandwich made in heaven. And it’s relatively easy, especially if you have a steady hand. Ready? Let’s go.

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Donkey Kong Banana Bread! So easy, you don’t have to jump over barrels or fireballs for a slice.

Difficulty2Ah, Donkey Kong. A timeless favorite. One of the first video games I played as a child.

I suck at it.

Well, that’s not fair. I haven’t played in well over a decade since the last time I rage quit. I’m that bad. I do love it, though. What better way to commemorate a classic than baking a few loaves of banana bread with a cute DK vanilla icing tie?

We bought two bunches of bananas last week for our monthly shopping trip – one for eating, one exclusively for this bread. With 2-3 bananas per loaf, I ended up with three loaves. The first was for a birthday present for my dad (I love you, daddy) and the last two were set aside for our purposes. The bread itself is rather easy to make from odds and ends in your pantry and perfect for breakfast. Also, I get unnaturally proud of myself when I succeed at baking bread.

You’ll also notice that this recipe does not contain nuts. I could be nice and say I’m taking people with food allergies into consideration (well, sure, that’s part of it, I guess), but I just don’t believe in banana nut bread. It’s BANANA BREAD, yo.

Ready? Let’s go.

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