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Stop The Presses: The Blogger Recognition Award!

Yes, I’m fully aware you came here today expecting a Pocky cake. Since The Boy’s birthday isn’t until Saturday he didn’t want me to make him his cake yet. I couldn’t complain; I spent most of Wednesday driving around to three different doctor appointments and ended up with a migraine. In lieu of cake, here’s some more Poké Ball Candy Piñatas:

From L to R: Great Ball, Master Ball, Ultra Ball. If you enjoy living and wish to attempt this, decorate with icing only. Candy Melts on top of more Candy Melts are the devil.

Expect an over-the-top Pocky cake on Saturday. Fear not, today’s not a total wash-out! I’ve been nominated for my fourth award! Feast your eyes upon the Blogger Recognition Award:


I was nominated at the end of August by blogger Yen of Little Calico’s Journal. Thanks, Yen! Yen writes book reviews, poetry… a little bit of everything, really. I love her writing style. Stop by for a visit, maybe you’ll like her too. I swore I’d get around to writing this eventually; now seemed like a good time. Ready? Let’s go.

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