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Guacamelee – World’s Greatest Enchiladas

Not hard to make, exactly, but a lot of prep work.
Not hard to make, exactly, but a lot of prep work.

I know what you’re thinking- “This isn’t on the schedule!” Technically, you’d be right. However, shortly before starting on this week’s recipe we received our July IndieBox in the mail. July’s indie game? Guacamelee! As always, IndieBox serves up an excellent game with awesome special features. July’s box comes complete with the Guacamelee game in a nifty credit card/usb form, two stickers (luchador mask sticker not pictured; the boy just had to stick it on his PC tower), soundtrack (so you know it’s good), instruction manual, temporary tattoo, felted chicken magnet, shot glass, and… do you see what I see?

No, surely not... It couldn't be...
No, surely not… It couldn’t be…

Ladies and gentlemen, geeks and gamers, we have a recipe! That’s right, what we have here is a recipe for the World’s Greatest Enchiladas. But are they really deserving of the title? Let’s find out.

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