The Author Hides Here

Hi, I’m Leisel: CEO, author, artist, chef, and everything else of Skill Up Skillet. That’s me below with the frosting war paint. …What? I had extra… Incidentally, I hate talking about myself because I’m not particularly good at it. I am trying, I swear.

The Leisel is a strange and elusive creature, rarely caught on film.
The Leisel is a strange and elusive creature, rarely caught on film.

I’m a snarky twenty-something tech support agent with a passion for cooking, gaming, and art in all its forms. While I’ve never ‘gone pro’, I do enjoy these hobbies and wanted to do something to inspire myself and others to create and enjoy good food–with a gamer-centric twist, of course!

Why, you ask? The short answer is, because I can. I don’t like uninspired food or eating the same thing every freaking day. Food should be as fun to make as it is to eat. Also I don’t like adulting; it’s boring. In this blog I plan to challenge myself and others to see beyond microwaveable meals and create tasty works of art. Look for fun, (mostly) easy recipes inspired by your favorite games, books, TV series, and movies.

Pull up a chair and watch as I proceed to systematically destroy my kitchen with visions of daleks, zerglings, creepers, tie fighters, dragons, and more flour and sugar than previously thought possible. We’ll have fun, I promise. You are permitted to laugh.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for me, let me know! I love experimenting with new recipes so you may see your request happen.


Q: Who does the art on your site?

A: That’d be me. I’ve always been relatively decent when it comes to ‘arting’. All art featured on the site is made in MS Paint. Yes, really. I’ve never had the patience to sit down and teach myself Photoshop. And I like the faux- 8-Bit effect my MSP doodles create, anyway.

Q: So why a food blog? Why not a game review site or webcomic or something?

A: Cooking’s in my blood, I guess. My grandparents were bakers and my parents own a pizzeria. I love food. I don’t think I’m particularly qualified to be a game reviewer because probably I don’t play enough games, and the ones I do play, well, my skill level varies greatly from Totally Sucking to Moderately Passable. I have problems with my hands which wouldย definitely prevent me from mastering any one thing. I do watch The Boyfriend play a ton of games though. And I don’t do webcomics because I’d probably compare myself to my favorite webcomic artists too much to really enjoy it.

Q: So your content really doesn’t read like a cookbook… why not?

A: Okay, here’s the thing: I hate cookbooks. Absolutely LOATHE them. No, I’m serious. They read so dry to me, you know? My Inner Reading Voice starts sounding like an imperious, overbearing old biddy. I hate it. So yeah, you’ll get your recipes– my way. With plenty of snark and swearing.

Q: Are you actually a gamer girl? What do you play?

A: Well, I kind of hate the term but yes, I am a girl and I play video games. I didn’t promise I was any good, though. You can usually find me playing World of Warcraft, Hearthstone, Heroes of the Storm, Minecraft, and Trove. While this isn’t a complete list of games I play, these are currently my most frequently played games.

Q: What was your first video game? Your favorite?

A: Oh gods, that’s hard. I didn’t actually have any consoles growing up until the PS2 came out. I used to play Super Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog fanatically when I was over at my friend’s house, then Twisted Metal 3 when that came out. Love that series. My current ‘modern’ favorite is Hearthstone.

Q: Dude, you play __________ ? Can we play together? What’s your in-game name?

A: Eh. I mean… you can ask, but the answer’s probably no. It’s absolutely nothing personal, I swear. Outside of Skill Up Skillet I’m fairly antisocial, and I’m especially suspicious of would-be spammers and/or hackers. But hey, I could also say yes. You never know!

30 thoughts on “The Author Hides Here”

    1. Hail, fellow gamer girl! /salute
      I’d recommend checking out some of the One/Two Skillet recipes and the low bake/no bake recipes I have available. Like, for the Health Potion soup you pretty much chuck everything in a blender, switch it on, and yell “Die, die, DIE!”. That’s fun, right? =D

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  1. Today I have been unfollowing abandoned blogs, and adding new life adding new blogs. I decided to add your blog today. I may expect in the future to see a homemade recipe for a delicious cat food treat or meal!!

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